The Love Of God

Romans 8:38-39

Moral Implication:

The Love of God in Christ Jesus is the founding character that describes who our God is. It is the power of God that links His Personality to His Creation.

That is why out of love He offered LIFE (His Son) to redeem us from DEATH (sins).

What then should separate you from this Great Love?

Paul confessed the greatness of God’s LOVE in Christ by Revelation of the Holy Spirit, proving his inseparability from the Love of God.

Afflictions of this world is only little with regard to the power of love which is God Himself, for God is Love and whoever exhibit Love to His Brother, exhibits God to him.

Take Your Stand as Paul did and Prove Your Love for God for He(God) first Loved us while we were yet Sinners.

God Loves You Dearly!

Remember…. Sower’s seed + good ground = fruitage

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